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Tasha Rae Jewelry Shop


Tasha Rae Jewelry Shop —

Milwaukee, Wisconsin — 450sf

Tasha Rae Jewelry, a jewelry studio and retail shop, tasked us with the design and renovation of their small storefront to accommodate a growing variety of programming — a gallery and retail environment for finely crafted jewelry, a stage for the art of jewelry making, and a public classroom for weekly instruction.

Given the diversity of functions that were required to coexist in a relatively small space, program pieces were used to drive the conceptual clarity of the project as well as determine spatial and material decision making. The outcome is a series of distinct elemental forms that serve as backdrops for craftspeople, objects, and the community. At a glance, each monolithic gesture is seemingly comprised of only a single material or color. But with closer inspection, details of texture, assembly and utility become evident.

At the heart of the design is a repetitious language of materials and architectural moves — the rigorous alignment of planes & panels, the subtle play of recessed and protruding details — resulting in a project that feels responsive to the program and customized to the function, yet still aesthetically flexible to the ways spaces inevitably adapt to unforeseen future needs.

Design Services Provided

spatial Design, Interior Design

Fabrication Services Provided —

Custom casework, Retail Fixtures, Woodwork, Installation

Photography credit —

zach peterson